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A tower-based DRINKING GAME for those with

steady hand and loose morals.



Dringa T0wers are modification sets that customize the popular wooden block stacking game.


Stickers on the underside of each brick instruct a certain player to drink or follow a rule that changes the play of the game. As the game progresses, the rules accumulate and the tower gets higher until it eventually comes tumbling down. The player to cause the tower to tumble wins and is rewarded by finishing the rest of their drink.



This game is awesome!

Everytime you play it the game is different depending on what rules you pull out of the towers.

I thought before I bought it that it would be hard to figure out but it was not at all.

My friends and I loved it and will be playing it at all of our adult get togethers.

Definitely better than CAH.

I never stopped laughing the whole 5 hours we played this game.

-Bonnie Elliot


The ultimate in the college social gathering experiences.

There lots of popular drinking games out there, some are old and simple,

some are just plain silly, and others are messy.

Dringa Beer is a totally different level.

It's hilarious, uproarious, mildly (ok maybe very) offensive at times,

but all in all it's just plain F.U.N.

Plus, it finally makes me want to play that game with the

blocks that you stack up and hope they don't fall down. Remember that game?

Imagine that, but awesome.

-Adam Sommer


Had an incredible time and once you get into it Dringa is a blast.

Word of caution if this is your first Dringa

purchase perhaps go with light + beer as stout is the... deep end.

-Adam Wiggington

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