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Modern Gods has been creating a variety of different sounds since the turn of the century. The band is lead by Joseph Gabriel Plaggenberg with lyrics sometimes by Nicholas Anthony Linke. The music videos offer peeks into the Modern Gods universe. 

The Modern Gods fictional universe is an expansive exploration of philosophy, science, and art. The fictional stories are intertwined and woven together within the backbone of The Moirae. Others including An Account of Mister Contagious and Malignant focus on other contributing characters that can be read independent or enjoyed with the endless connections beyond mere easter eggs.

Joseph Gabriel Plaggenberg

An Account of Mister Contagious

Joseph holds degrees in law and political science. Focused on music in the beginning he now directs his focus to getting in touch with growing the future both as a family and garden compound.




Fred is a composer committed and obsessed with seven minutes, six seconds, and putting the finishing touches on his self-proclaimed Epic is killing him—literally.


As he fixates on every nuance, every note, every moment in time, his allergies flare up and he finds himself in some bizarre situations, taking extreme steps to ensure the Work is complete.

What happens when a work of art consumes your desires, your very being?

When it’s the cause of your collapse, but the cure for an unending search?

Will Fred achieve nirvana before it becomes the only thing in life with meaning, and will anyone else even care if he does?


Nicholas Anthony Linke

Malignant, The Moirae, & Tangents

Nicholas is holds degrees in philosophy, biology, and education. Constantly writing and developing a multitude of projects, he splits his time between his family and expanding the Modern Gods universe.

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Malignant is a contemporary, new adult, dark humor novel laced with science and college shenanigans. Nathan is an undergrad about to discover the secrets of his childhood at the orphanage.


Broken into his four years at college, it exposes the audience to  essential science concepts before rapidly drawing mind-bending conclusions as the intensity of events escalates.


Scattered with fragments of his life after Nathan learns the truth about his past, the entire book disregards linear time, both in format and content.

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