There are three reasons for our decision to make Dringa Games solely modification sets instead of including bricks or even having the pictures pre-printed directly on the bricks.



1. Customization: With the stickers being separate you can completely customize your set to match your taste. Each Dringa set comes with 60 stickers, and most wooden towers come with fewer bricks than stickers. That means you choose what rules you want to feature in your game. So if you hate a rule in a set, don’t include it in your customized set. If you buy all three sets, you have 180 stickers to choose from with endless combinations. But customization does not end there. Having the stickers separate lets you put them on any type of bricks you want. If you want Giant bricks, cheaper, used bricks, or a different off-brand style, Go for it!

2. Quality: We want you to customize a game that you love to play. The quality of the bricks is a common complaint that we have read in the comments of other drinking game towers that are printed directly onto the bricks. We at Dringa Games are in the business of creating unique and beautiful rules, not recreating the perfect piece of wood. A name-brand company that is synonymous with wooden tower games already makes the highest quality bricks. So when you buy Dringa on Amazon add a tower to your Amazon cart and it will arrive around the same time as your modification set. Boom! Everything is still shipped directly to your door.

3. Cost: Dringa sets have full-color highly detailed artwork laser printed on glossy transparent stickers. To get this degree of detail from printing directly on the brick would make the game so ridiculously expensive getting them into the hands of the target market would be impossible.


We at Dringa Games hope this explains why we do not include bricks with our products. We want your Dringa set to be a fully customized quality product without you paying us for the cost of wood. We want your judgement of Dringa Games to be based on the creative comedy, beautiful artwork, and detailed design of the stickers and rulesheet...


Nothing more, nothing less.




Thank you,



Dringa Games