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malignant: adjective - 1. intended to be evil. 2. very infectious, invasive. 3. likely to rebel against God or authority.


“Behind the giraffe, you’ll find everything you want to know about yourself.” Your mother’s last words. But you are far from ready to make sense of it. 


Nathan Lewis, following in the footsteps of his geneticist mother, starts college as an evolutionary biology major. However, his education quickly extends to the debauchery that college is known for. 


He is taken under the wing of his resident assistant, determined to infect him and the world with misanthropic memes. He helps the designers of Dringa, an intentionally offensive (playable) drinking game, raise controversy and heated debate among the players. He meets a girl, a born-again virgin with sordid baggage and inhibitions that disappear after a few shots of a green liquor named Absynthe Minded.


But the "everything" he wants to know about himself hides behind a giraffe painted on the drywall of his childhood bedroom.


Malignant is a contemporary, new adult, dark humor novel that follows a young biology undergrad, Nathan, on his journey to discover the secrets about his childhood at the orphanage. The book is broken into his four years at college, teaching the audience essential science concepts before rapidly drawing mind-bending conclusions as the intensity of events escalates. Scattered with fragments of his life after he learns the truth about his past, the entire book disregards linear time, both in format and content.


Immediately, Nathan is introduced to memetics by his resident assistant The Dawkins-style memes from science and literature push him to leave behind his pursuit of biology in favor of science education. As he embraces the downward spiral, his friends design the more offensive playable, dark humor card game: Death, it accelerates to collide with the fragments of time spanning the story.


Excellent read! This book is excellent. It touches on many topics that should be openly discussed in lively, if sometimes heated, debate. Educators would benefit from reading it, as it promotes an approach that could revolutionize academia to the benefit of future generations. I couldn't put it down; well-written, entertaining, and thought provoking!

-C. Olearnrick


Reflections of a pessimist... Provocative and intellectual, inspiring yet concerning, troubling yet hopeful, dramatic, and yet soothing. Malignant is a journey through youth that explores the reality of today into a future yet to come. Maybe just a work of fiction but this is made up of a lot of real-world stuff. Real-world science, real-world issues, real-world emotions, and real-world excitement. As with any good story, you have to let the scenes and characters fill out... you may find that your first impressions are not your last.

-Tim. L.


Mind bending, informative, and entertaining. This book is a romp through the psyche and at times can feel like the drug of your choice. The author's attention to detail as he builds the philosophical theory's are exceptional. In the words of Hunter S. Thompson: "Buy the ticket, take the ride."

- Adam Sommer



Nicholas Anthony is a science teacher in a rural district of the Midwest as well as the co-founder of Gross Domestic Productions, LLC.

Through the persistent advocacy of science towards the progressive empowerment of students,  he hopes to envoke change in academia. To combat the growing ignorance, arrogance, and anti-intellectualism, he approaches education through entertainment. His creative focus echoes in his development of the Modern Gods Universe through storytelling in books, music lyrics, and videos.


He is also pursuing his Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction while he raises his three children with his ever-encouraging wife.

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