HOURGLASS SCIENCE is a YouTube channel focused on improving this Scientific Literacy.


At first, it was a humble project that started with Nicholas Anthony reaching out to his students for two-minute mini-lectures during the pandemic with his own video series at Hourglass Science.


Each episode was a one-shot timed by a physical hourglass flipped at the beginning of the episode. After a year of building content, he was inspired by friends to revise the entire YouTube channel for a broader audience. He is slowly rebuilding Hourglass Science with college students in mind. 



Nicholas Anthony is a science teacher in a rural district of the Midwest as well as the co-founder of Gross Domestic Productions, LLC.

Through the persistent advocacy of science towards the progressive empowerment of students,  he hopes to envoke change in academia. To combat the growing ignorance, arrogance, and anti-intellectualism, he approaches education through entertainment. His creative focus echoes in his development of the Modern Gods Universe through storytelling in books, music lyrics, and videos.


He is also pursuing his Ph.D. in Curriculum and Instruction while he raises his three children with his ever-encouraging wife.