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Eric is survived by his wife and his three children. As a deep thinker, he created his own universe. Upon his death, Modern Gods adopted his Nephilim Universe to make it available to the world.

He is also he author of the comic book series Raptor Sniper and started Tales of Retials based on his career in retail.

THE TRIAD :  a graphic novel​

Heaven is facing division as ranks of angelic bureaucrats quarrels amongst themselves in their quest for their own power.

Azrael, Lysandra, and Uriel and find themselves each challenging the dominion governors, and begin even to question one another as tensions mount over political scheming.

But bureaucracy only lasts so long before the war over Earth breaks out.

The Triad begins the end.

Nephilim - Cover II.jpg

NEPHILIM : a novel

Following The Triad, Nephilim is the story of an orphan Mina as she discovers her past.

Her connections to the celestrial realm introduced in The Triad reaveal the deeply

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