malignant: adjective - 1. intended to be evil. 2. very infectious, invasive. 3. likely to rebel against God or authority.


This is the cure for ignorance. This is biological warfare on philistinism. 

This is leveling the playing field so evolution can weed out the weak. 


“Behind the giraffe, you’ll find everything you want to know about yourself.” Your mother’s last words. But you are far from ready to make sense of it. 


Nathan Lewis, following in the footsteps of his geneticist mother, starts college as an evolutionary biology major. However, his education quickly extends to the debauchery that college is known for. 


He is taken under the wing of his resident assistant, determined to infect him and the world with misanthropic memes. He helps the designers of Dringa, an intentionally offensive (playable) drinking game, raise controversy and heated debate among the players. He meets a girl, a born-again virgin with sordid baggage and inhibitions that disappear after a few shots of a green liquor named Absynthe Minded. And then, he decides to corrupt the youth as a school teacher.


But the "everything" he wants to know about himself hides behind a giraffe painted on the drywall of his childhood bedroom.

AAMC 2.jpg

Fred is a composer committed and obsessed with seven minutes, six seconds, and its killing him -- literally.


The question is what do you call a song when it consumes your life for its own sake, when it's the cause of an illness and the symptom of morbidity, when you can taste your own words take on new meanings, and that meaning turns on you?


The three sisters of fate, Klotho, Lakhesis, and Atropos, regularly meet for business brunches to distribute folders containing new clients and the inevitable terminations. However, the youngest, Klotho, always has a burning question that drives the conversation into deep philosophical waters pulling insights from the classics including Plato and Aristotle to contemporaries including Hume and Kurzweil.

Outside of the brunch conversation, a war is brewing that traces back to the dawn of human intelligence. The series shows the three sisters play key roles to alter the course of events in the dramatic modernization of the Trojan War. Theft, jealousy, pride, betrayal, megalomania, and revenge all rise from the seeded underbelly of this modern day Greece.


The first release of The Moirae series begins with volume two titled Addiction. Each of the eventual nine volumes of the series are divided into three issues. Each of the three issues focuses on a different sisterʼs events directly preceding and following the brunch conversation that through flashbacks extends the length of the three issues of the volume. The first issue, focuses on the youngest Klotho in the Thread of Klotho. As the conversation continues across the issues each of the three sisters takes a different perspective on what it means to be addicted as the scenes outside the conversation show the effect of drug addictions and use on the lives of each of the sisters.

In short, The Moirae series seamlessly weaves the greatest stories in Greek mythology with sex, drugs, violence, and philosophy.


Confessions of the Father follows the journey of a Catholic priest and his intentional fall from grace to save his congregation.


Listening to the confessions of his parish, the Father decides to do more than help them atone: he decides to out do them.


Tales of Retail is a collection of stories documenting the managers of NORMAN SHERMAN as they endure and exacerbate the daily problems of the Washington Memorial Mall branch. Each manager tells a chapter of the story as things go from your typical bad day to the worst news any employee can ever hear about their job of selling unnecessaries to customers that only came in for the BOGO on polyester ties.

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